Saving lives through nutritional support. Transforming them through surgery.

Children with cleft conditions often struggle to feed properly as babies or eat well as they age. They can become malnourished, making it impossible for them to have safe surgery. 

When Lanto and her younger brother Rindra came to one of our surgical programmes in Madagascar, she was healthy and strong. She had life-changing surgery and came out of it with a new smile and a happier, healthier future. 

Sadly, Rindra was underweight and suffering from a severe infection. Without nutritional support his life was at risk – and he would never be well enough for surgery.  

Will you transform a child’s life today?

Right now, there are thousands of children like Rindra who desperately need life-changing surgery. With a gift this Christmas you could give them the support they need to grow in strength. And you could make sure that every child is able to have the surgery that could transform their lives.  

Please give whatever you can today! Thank you