Volunteer Stories

Meet dr Rebecca Wilde
United Kingdom

Rebecca is a UK based anaesthetist, who participated in the Operation Smile Regan Fellowship Programme. She volunteered on medical missions in Ghana and Malawi.

Introducing Dr Annemieke
United Kingdom

Annemieke is a paediatric intensivist and a member of the Operation Smile UK medical subcommittee. Annemieke has volunteered for many medical missions, travelling to India, Cambodia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Jordan, China, Honduras, Paraguay, Malawi, Vietnam and Madagascar.

Open Heart, Open Hands

Patient advocate Carlos Mahalambe brought 18 potential patients to Operation Smile’s July 2018 Quelimane medical mission.

Daniel’s Drive: Training Ethiopian Surgeons

With Dr. Daniel Getachew leading plastic surgery at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Operation Smile is developing the next phase of training for his unit.

Malawian Students Create Impact Through Action

Operation Smile student volunteers host free community health screenings to raise cleft awareness and funds.

Building the NEXT Generation's Skills

Operation Smile residents and medical volunteers learn life-saving skills at NEXT medical conference workshops.

Completeness of Care: Anaesthesia

Operation Smile anaesthesia providers ensure the safety of our patients by conducting medical evaluations, administering safe anaesthesia and responding to any issue that may occur.

Meet The Acompañantes

Miriam Figueroa, Edwin López and Claudia Rivas are three of the seven advocates who help Honduran patients connect with Operation Smile.

Realising His Reach, Part 2

Operation Smile Honduras called on Rudis Casteñeda and other patient advocates to find the remaining adults, teens and children in Honduras living with cleft.

Realising His Reach, Part 1

Rudis Casteñeda was devastated when his daughter, Kensey, was born with cleft. Three months later, her surgery from Operation Smile changed both of their lives.

Skilled At Heart

Operation Smile's AHA life support training programs are saving lives and strengthening health systems in countries like Ethiopia.


“Every child that has a facial deformity is our responsibility. If we don’t take care of that child, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will.”

- Kathy Magee, Operation Smile Co-founder and President