111 News Smiles in Cebu

UK smile ambassador Duncan Bannatyne visited an Operation Smile medical mission in Cebu, the Philippines, where 111 patients received life-changing surgery.

Duncan, his wife Nigora and her daughter Gabby and Duncan’s daughters Jenny and Abi supported our patients and their parents through the whole process: from the screening to surgery and post-op. 



Nigora, Duncan, Jenny and Abi Bannatyne pose for a picture with a little patient on screening day (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)     


PHL_2018_CEBU_Duncan Bannatyne_002_web.jpg

Duncan Bannatyne talking with patient Zak's mother during the screening process. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)     


PHL_2018_CEBU_Duncan Bannatyne_003_web.jpg

Duncan & Nigora Bannatyne, going through all the surgery paperwork with patient Xia's mother. (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Jenny Bannatyne_0131_web.jpg

Jenny Bannatyne with patient  Jhunry Andamon, one year old, and UK volunteer Laura Edwards (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Nigora Bannatyne_002_web.jpg

Nigora Bannatyne keeps patient Jhon Ji Delator, 1 year old, male, busy during his medical evaluation with the anaesthesia team.  (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Nigora Bannatyne_003_web.jpg

Nigora Bannatyne plays with little patient Amarah Sumido, 7 months old, during screening process (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Abi Bannatyne_001_web.jpg

Abi Bannatyne poses for a picture with Blessy and her mother (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Jenny Bannatyne_Surgery Day_001_web.jpg

Jenny Bannatyne, observes the surgery of Alkya, 2 years old, female,(Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

PHL_2018_CEBU_Nigora Bannatyne_Surgery Day_001_web.jpg

Nigora Bannatyne, UK observes the life-changing surgery of Alkya (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)

PHL_2018_CEBU_Abi Bannatyne_Surgery Day_003_web.jpg

Abi Bannatyne carries little Alkya from surgery to the post op ward (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


PHL_2018_CEBU_Abi Bannatyne_Surgery Day_002_web.jpg

Elieh, 10 months old in recovery room having a drink with his mother and Recovery Room Nurse Clarisse and Abi Bannatyne (Photo: Zute Lightfoot)


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“Every child that has a facial deformity is our responsibility. If we don’t take care of that child, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will.”

- Kathy Magee, Operation Smile Co-founder and President