Please give every child the happy childhood they deserve

Right now, thousands of children around the world don’t have access to cleft surgery and care. For many, childhood is a time of loneliness and despair. Instead of playing outside and having fun with friends, they’re hidden away and shunned by their community.

Samuel had to endure nearly two decades of bullying before having life-changing surgery. He grew up feeling alone and heartbroken. Sometimes he wondered if life was even worth living.

Will you help children have the surgery they need for a happy childhood?

If we could have reached Samuel sooner and given him surgery as a child, he could have been spared years of torment. He could have had a childhood filled with joy and possibility – like the one Farida will have.

Farida was just six months old when she had surgery to repair her cleft condition. Her mum, Alimatu, was thrilled to see her daughter’s new smile. She knew Farida would be welcomed into their community.

With a gift today, you could help us bring life-changing cleft surgery and care closer to children’s home. You could help us tackle the stigma that ruins young lives. And you could fund the surgery every child needs for a happy childhood like Farida’s.

Please give whatever you can today! Thank you